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Chicken on the Run


Experience a true Australian Style Takeaway with succulent roast chicken (all chickens are flown in fresh from Australia) and vegetarian dishes options are all available when booking through Junks.hk and served with typical Australian salads and accompaniments – all low in fat, high in originality and flavor. Made fresh every single day with the highest of hygiene standards, great service and quality ingredients. Catering for office and home and Delivery are also available through our branches and Junk Catering through Junks.hk.



Shop A Lower Ground Floor, 1 Prince's Terrace, Midlevels, Hong Kong


Boat Boys Tucker Packfood


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3 salt & pepper chicken (cut into 24 pieces), 12 Bread Rolls, Coleslaw, Mixed Bean Salad, Brownie Bites ...

First Mates Tucker Packfood


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4 salt & pepper chicken (cut into 32 pieces), Vegetarian Frittata (cut into 8 pieces), 20 Bread Rolls, 3 homemade Hommus, 10 Pitta Bread (cut in ...

Captains Tucker Packfood


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5 salt & pepper chicken (cut into 40 pieces), Vegetarian Frittata (cut into 8 pieces), 30 Bread Rolls, 5 homemade Hommus, 15 Pitta Bread (cut in ...