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10 bare necesssities for your junk trip

27th May, 2015

What to Bring on Your Junk

Now that you have safely made it onboard with your beer, food, and hopefully all your friends... lets hope you prepared everything else you need for your junk trip!

No doubt your schedule is as changable as the Hong Kong weather these days so it is best to have all your bases covered ahead of time. For most of you that will mean prepping on Thursday night as it will be the only waking, coherent moments you will have at home before Saturday morning. In order to make sure you take the essentials, here is what you really should be taking with you:

  1. Budgiesmugglers, bikinis or boardies - All you really need to do is cover up your junk. Other than that the more florecent and outrageous the better!
  2. Sunscreen - Despite the smog and clouds you will be scantily-clad all day and your office dwelling skin can't take the heat on its own. Do yourself a favor and lather up!
  3. Water - Day drinking is great... but you need to rehydrate. It's likely that your boat isn't already stocked with water so it's always smart to BYO.
  4. A hat - If the sun is shining you probably should cover up the top. If you are like us then the second layer of sunscreen never happens, we're just too damn busy having fun! You didn't flake on this boat trip so make sure you aren't the one visibily flaking at the office next week!
  5. Towel - It's doubtful your junk boat provides towels (If it does then dayum, invite us next time!). Don't be that guy or gal who drys off with someone elses towel!
  6. Beerkoozi - The summer is HOT. But your beer shouldn't be! Keep'em cool with your own koozi or grab one of our koozi's next time you see them! On any boat trips booked with Junks.hk you will find a stash onboard already!
  7. Sunglasses - Even if you aren't hungover, a combination of the heat, sun, humidity, and aforementioned scantily-clad revellers make these a must! Get a cheap pair from across the border or the closest night market though as these are the most commonly lost items!
  8. Wallet - Chances are you haven't paid for your golden ticket onboard your friend's junk boat. More on that subject coming soon but don't be a freeloader! and once you are ten beers deep you'll be needing that wallet to take LKF by storm (until 8:00pm).
  9. Cellphone/Camera - We know you don't leave home without this. But you'll be wanting to Instagram your day out with friends (don't forget to add #junkshk to your post!). Also, a cellphone makes for a makeshift jukebox so you can perform mic takeovers with the music selection you should probably keep to yourself!
  10. The waterproof bag - Don't put your belongings at risk of water damage, a change of weather, or your drunken debauchery. One of these bags runs up about 150HKD from any dive shop around town and are lifesavers!

Aside from these, anything else is optional but keep in mind that your ride out to your destination can be choppy so if you get sea sick then some pills to settle your stomach might be a good investment!