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Getting on your junk!

11th May, 2015

Waiting for your Junk Hong Kong

Top 5 tips to getting on your boat

So, this weekend the team at Junks.hk were down at Central Pier No.9 handing out free beers to revelers (because that's the kind of good folks we are). While engaging with our fans we heard a number of horror stories of junk boats and even saw one unfold. Some from previous experiences in booking junks, some were down to bad planning, and a lot of it was just watching people trying to perform their own logistics in getting their food and alcohol to the boat. Geez! In fact, two ladies were ditched because they didn't make it on time. It sure is a cruel world!

  1. Head out early - Everything always seems to take longer than you expect when you are in a rush. Head out 15 minutes earlier than you think to avoid unnecessary stress. And even if you are early you can run to 7/11 for last minute supplies or start the party early on the pier.

  2. Let someone else bring the beer - We all know what it's like to go outside it HK summer. Now add carrying heavy drinks to that. #dying At junks.hk you can get fantastic craft beer from AmeriCraft delivered directly to your boat. Check out combos here.

  3. Use your smart phone - Pier 9 on a weekend in summer is total chaos. Boats are coming in and out every minute and it's hard to tell which one to get on. At Junks.hk we make it easy by sharing all the information with you when you make the booking. Just keep an eye out for your vessel number then give them a call and they'll be at the dock within moments!

  4. Get the food catered, more time to sleep in! - Organizing buying and bringing food to a junk can be a huge hassle. Especially at 9am on a Saturday! With junks.hk you can pick from a variety of great catering options such a Chicken on the Run to cater your entire boat! See what you can feast on here.

  5. Book a private bus #partybus - If you have been to Sai Kung you will be aware of the horrors of waiting for the 101M minibus in Hang Hau! The last thing you want on your day off is to wait in line to get on a bus for your Junk. Why not book a private bus for your whole party?! Keep a look out for new transportation options coming to Junks.hk soon.