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Attention all Junkies - A note from Coconuts HK

7th May, 2015

Image of Coconuts Hong Kong

Local media kicks up a buzz about new online boat rental website in Hong Kong! Keep an eye out for Junks.hk in the media and around town!

Junks.hk received its first media coverage yesterday with Coconuts Hong Kong! Take a look at the article in all its glory at Coconuts Hong Kong.

At Junks.hk we think its essential to provide all you party-goers what you want. Coconuts Hong Kong sums this up pretty nicely below:

Your frat boy mates want the one with the banana boat; your fancy pants girlfriends want canapés and champers; and the guys with serious beards want craft beer by the bucketload. You’re never going to please them all… right? WRONG, at least according to brand new online platform Junks.hk.

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