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Hong Kong startup makes booking a party boat easier than ever

5th June, 2015

Junk Boat Hong Kong

Junks.hk, a new startup from Hong Kong, aims to bring the junk party industry up to speed.

Junks.hk was covered in a great article in TECH in ASIA yesterday! They've done a great job in covering the reasons for founding and our focus on customers. Read more at TECH in ASIA.

To quote the article:

Junks.hk simplifies the booking and planning process by simply asking users what date they want to rent a boat on. A list of available junks is returned, allowing the user to choose between the day or night shift and see which slots are free.

We are proud of our short history and have a great pipeline of features coming! Got any great ideas to make your life easier? Contact us and we will see if we can fix it for you! Also sign up with us here or join our growing facebook and twitter fanbase to keep up to date with our goings on.